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  About Us  

Shanghai Sun & Hold Law Offices  (the "Firm") is a leading service provider of international  debt recovery in China with a group of lawyers who have vast experience in the area.

Established in 2005, The Firm has fast grown to be a top 10 firm in Shanghai, China. Headquarted in Shanghai, the Firm has branches in Hangzhou, Chengdu ,Kunshan, Nantong and Huai'An etc.As of November 1, 2016, the firm has over 200 licensed lawyers,most of whom has received legal education and/or training from prestigious universities both in China and abroad. Additionally, many of them have the working experiences in govermental departments, courts and MNEs. Our lawyers pride themselves on offering comprehensive legal services to both domestic and int'l clients.

Debt Collection in China  We help both domestic and foreign clients recover and collect debts in China. Based on the specific facts of cases, we may take various measures to realize the legitimate rights of our clients, such as negotiation, conciliation, mediation, arbitration or even litigation.

Investigation Services   Business is always accompanied by risks. We help companies and individuals cut down their business risk in China to a minimum. We carry out due diligence of various degree in accordance with the specific requirement of clients. In addition, we provides Chinese legal advice for foreign companies and individuals for their business in China. We may draft and/or supervise the relative legal documents.

Delinquent Debtors Report  International debt recovery is always a tough job. To compel the delinquent debtors to perform their legal obligations and help prevent other suppliers from suffering the similar loss, we regularly release black list of international delinquent debtors. All  cases reported here have been confirmed by effective judgement or could be proved by adequate evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

"Representative Office" Services   To help foreign small and medium-sized companies penetrate into Chinese market at affordable cost, we provide comprehensive services as we were your local representative office,such as liaison, inspection, supervision and negotiation etc. 

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